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Personal Accounting ServicesPersonal Accounting Services

Tax Preparation

Professional representation, reduced tax liabilities, and accurate filing—there are so many reasons to depend on T F Allen & Company PC tax preparation and filing. Don’t take chances by having a friend file your taxes or using an online filing service. Come to our experienced accountants for income tax preparation services. By providing face-to-face consultations, we determine any tax credits and deductions you can claim. At the same time, we provide year-round tax planning to ensure you are prepared in advance. Some of the reasons to use our qualified tax accountants include:

• Expert Advice from Specialists
• Reduce Tax Liability with Deductions
• Save Time & Money
• Representation in the Event of an Audit
• Tax Planning for the Future

Real Solutions & Affordable Tax Preparation Services

When you owe back taxes, you’re in trouble. The last thing you can afford is an expensive tax attorney. Pay less and eliminate your stress by depending on us. If you’ve been doing your own taxes, the chances are likely that you’ve missed something. Because we have experience in preparing taxes for individuals and businesses, we know how to help you get the most back on your taxes—or pay the least amount possible.

Business Accounting Services

You need someone to watch over your finances, especially if you are the owner of a small business. Trying to do the work yourself or spending the money to create a personal accounting department is right out of the question. So, what do you do? You reach out to T F Allen & Company.  We can help you understand all the ins and outs that come with your finances as well as your taxes. Working with our CPA accountant helps you alleviate the stress of not knowing the state of your finances. Our team not only keeps track of where your money is going, but also where it is coming from, as well as your tax responsibilities within the parameter of income versus expenses. Eliminate fiscal surprises by working with our CPA firm.

The Right Services for Your Business

Not every business requires the same exact accounting services, but they all need them to some degree. That is why we work hard to provide you with the specific accounting services you need to ensure the success of your business.
You are going to quickly notice how much easier it is to grow your business and plan for the future when you know the financial stability and projection for your company. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about us and what we can do for you. Working with our accounting firm:

• Saves You Time
• Reduces Your Tax Liability
• Prevents You from Receiving Hefty Tax Penalties & Fines
• Helps You Grow Your Business
• Removes Your Tax Worries

Learn more about our business accounting specialties by clicking one of the items below.

Small Business Accounting

Reduce the pressure of running your own company with help from our small business accountant firm. You don’t have to take care of everything by yourself—not when you work with T F Allen & Company to track your financial transactions. Our capable accountants support you by providing essential services in crunching the numbers. Ask us to assist you with:

• Keeping the Books
• Preparing Financial Records & Statements
• Preparing Taxes
• Providing Assistance with Your Budget
• Offering Business Advice

Providing Accurate & Timely Financial Reporting

Count on our skilled and experienced accountants to follow tried and true accounting principles when preparing financial statements for you. We also follow best practices in all the services we provide. Feel confident your records are accurate and up-to-date. Let us record, report, summarize and analyze key numbers for your business operation.
Those numbers in your financial records are rich with meaning. Our accountants take that numerical data and interpret what it means for your company. Hidden among the figures are trends that provide invaluable information for your business operation. We bring those numbers to your attention so you can use them to grow your company’s bottom line. Call our office to schedule a consultation.

Bookkeeping Services

Information is the lifeblood of nearly any business. If it is not properly organized and accessible, then it could cause unnecessary problems. The increased pace of business in our world has made timely, accurate bookkeeping more essential than ever. At T F Allen & Company, we provide dependable bookkeeping service so you can spend your time on tasks that are important to you. Some of the reasons you need an experienced bookkeeper are:

• Helping You Avoid an Audit
• Reducing Problems if You Are Audited
• Minimizing or Eliminating Tax Penalties
• Ensuring You’re Not Missing Important Deductions
• Saving Time When You Need to File Taxes
• Providing Vital Information for Business Planning
• Keeping You Up to Date with Your Company’s Financial Health

Professional Bookkeeping for Better Business Planning

Having an up-to-date understanding of your day-to-day cash flow helps you attach the correct value to opportunities that arise. A clear understanding of your expenses enables you to set the right prices for products and services at your business as well. Accurate bookkeeping even guides a bidding process with potential accounts, making sure you secure a client, or your bid covers the cost of fulfillment. 

Commercial Accounting Services

Your business is on a mission to deliver quality products and services. Focusing on your passion shows your commitment. However, understanding how to best use that energy will contribute to your lasting success. Keep your eyes on the “big picture” while upholding a practical approach to decision-making. By working with a commercial accounting firm, you can keep track of your transactions and finances, while also saving time and money. Call us to learn how accurate bookkeeping protects and optimizes your business.

Commercial accounting services, like record-keeping and tax preparation, will add a data-centric toolkit to your organization. When you know precisely where your money is going and how it is working, you gain a better sense of where to make financial decisions. Working with an accountant also provides an objective, independent resource to your team so that you can utilize this data in the interest of your company. On top of that, an accountant that is well-versed in record-keeping and tax preparation ensures your transactions are compliant with the law. Contact our agency to set up accounting services.

The Smarter Approach to Decision Making

Save time and money with a commercial accounting firm. When you hire us, you will be able to keep track of your income and expenses. Also, our accountants can prepare your tax return, which ensures your tax liability is accurate. As your dependable bookkeepers, we empower you to make smarter decisions that promote the growth of your business. 

Construction Accounting Services

The experienced team at T F Allen & Company is fully committed to helping general and specialty contractors grow their business. Our accountants are knowledgeable professionals who are deeply familiar with the intricacies of construction accounting and the current tax laws.

We prioritize solid, up-to-the-minute reporting so you have a precise picture of your financial situation. With our detailed statements and insightful advice, you can make informed decisions about whether to adjust your current project to avoid a loss. For careful planning and analysis, partner with our firm. Our comprehensive services include:

• Operational Audits
• Percentage of Completion Revenue Calculation
• Invoicing and Payments
• Analysis of Insurance Coverage
• Business Technology Services
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Cash Flow and WIP Job Cost Analysis
• Tax Deferral Maximization
• Cost Allocation
• Financial Forecasting and Planning
• Tax Compliance
• Internal Control Assessment
• Point-in-Time Assurances

Meeting the Needs of Your Business

Every business is unique, with its own priorities and goals. Schedule a consultation with us and let us know what you are trying to achieve. Whether you need information about surety bonds, out-of-state contractor compliance, multi-contract projects, or basic bookkeeping, we have the answers you need. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship that leads to long-term success.

Law Firm Accounting Services

Keeping a law firm running smoothly can be difficult, especially when it comes to making sure the financial accounts, taxes, and various fees and retainers are handled appropriately. When you’re in need of a professional qualified in legal accounting, contact T F Allen & Company. We have extensive experience taking care of legal firm records of any size and complexity.

Whether you’re a single lawyer handling a dozen small clients or a multi-location law firm with hundreds of clients and accounts, we’re able to keep your financial records accurate and in great shape. Reach out to our dedicated and attentive staff now to schedule a consultation or discuss the needs of your firm.

Count on Our Skilled and Certified Professionals

Law firms have an extensive amount of financial paperwork to keep accurate and in order. From revenue reporting to yearly tax filing, a law firm accountant helps you always keep your firm running smoothly and profitably. Contact us to speak to a certified professional who handles all the following tasks:

• Tracking and Accounting for Client Retainer Funds
• Tracking Cash Flow, Revenue, and Costs
• Assembling and Filing Tax Documents
• Billing Different Practice Areas Properly
• Distinguishing Between Income and Other Payments
• Tracking Quarterly Income and Revenue

QuickBooks Accounting Services

Explore what QuickBooks offers for your business with help from T F Allen & Company. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software tailored to the needs of small business owners. With different programs available to suit the unique challenges of different industries, QuickBooks offers all the solutions you need. The software is ideal for the following uses and many more:

• Money Management
• Expense Billing
• Sales Invoicing
• Reporting
• Online Transactions
• Taxes

We provide QuickBooks consulting to help you spend less time behind a desk and more time doing what you love– running your company and making it thrive. 

Maximize the Potential for Your Business

QuickBooks has a lot to offer small business owners, from tracking due dates and recording transaction to creating invokes and compiling financial reports. Although it is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, it can still be daunting to sit down and learn about new software. That is where our QuickBooks consulting team steps in. We show you how to maximize the potential of this software for your business’s daily challenges and future goals. Give us a call to learn more about our QuickBooks consulting services and how QuickBooks takes your business to the next level.

Real Estate Accounting Services

Managing your finances alone can be stressful and frustrating. Make everything easier on yourself by depending on our real estate accountants. We handle the accounting details so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. At T F Allen & Company, we provide the financial guidance and assistance you need as a property owner. From preparing financial reports to handling your taxes and payroll, we ensure all your books are in order. Contact us for real estate accounting services if you have:

• Retail Land Sales
• Commercial Land Sales
• Residential Land Sales
• Real Estate Purchases
• Property Exchanges
• Sale of Timeshare Intervals
• Rental Property Income
• Real Estate Ventures

Keeping Your Books in Order

As a real estate owner or investor, you face unique challenges in your industry. From arranging property appraisals to determining the right deductions, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we are fully equipped to address any real estate accounting issues. In addition to balancing your books, we also provide financial budgeting services to help you plan for the future and avoid operational headaches. We have an excellent reputation with regards to our knowledge, accuracy, and reliability. Schedule an appointment with one of our seasoned accountants, and we’ll show you how to reduce your workload and stress.


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